"Leave the road, take the trails" - Pythagorus


The Origin

A dream. An adventure, ignited by passion.
The infatuation already sparked many moons ago (we have used our perfumes personally for over 10 years, and counting!)There came a time when it was only fitting to share...
And so it began. 
Chaos... Then a meander in the magical world of fragrance. More specifically, in and around that part that celebrates affordable luxury.
In our world, perfume is intensely personal. It must be experienced. It must feel good. It must be accessible (and not just for the elite few). And most importantly, it must be celebrated.


The Elixir

Our smells. Carefully crafted with energy and love.
Much time was and is spent on the quality of each precious part - oils, scent, natural ingredients, aesthetic and value for money.
A sincere promise has been made. Purchases are risk free and subject to a full refund with the 30 day Smells Guarantee.

◦ Eau de Parfum ◦ oils from Grasse France ◦ 100% chemical free oils ◦ guaranteed 20% oil concentration ◦ long lasting scents ◦ responsibly sourced ◦


The Force

When you use our scents to show off your soul.
Each member of the Smells Family is cherished. Your support is appreciated and fuels our fire.
Relish your smells. Enjoy playing! We thank you and send love your way.