Smells & things fragrances are manufactured to reference various designer perfumes in smell only and by no means do we intend to mislead our clients nor to pass our fragrances off as the original product.

Our perfumes are bottled and packaged uniquely in our factory. Our perfume bottles look the same as those depicted in our product catalogue. The names used are intended to assist clients in identifying the original fragrances. Our manufacturers are able to replicate the smells of your favorite fragrances through the process of reverse engineering. The concentration of the oils used in our perfumes is higher than that of an eau de toilette fragrance - this allows for a much longer lasting smell.

Smells & things do not have an association or relation to the original designers or their products. All rights of these original products remain the property of each respective designer.

Please contact us for further info at info@smellsandthings.co.za.

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