Inspired by Ambrosia a custom French luxury perfume from the Mythology Range by Smells and things
Inspired by Ambrosia

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Inspired by Ambrosia

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D E C A D E N T   ~   M O R E I S H

The Nectar of the Olympian Gods. The fragrance of the Gods giving life and immortality is sweet floral and fruity, but also entirely refreshing. Be transported to a feast on Mount Olympus with the deities, a decadent sweet honey nectar, intensely floral with delicious fresh marine notes on a woody amber base. The elixir to elevate your mood, elegantly moreish.

Smells like: Sweet floral fruity fresh honey

Notes: White floral, sweet, citrus, fruity, aquatic, honey, aromatic, floral, amber (warm, powdery, sweet), patchouli, woody

"Feast with the souls who dance the same."

The Smell:

Our Mythology smells embody the excitement of scent blending. Bespoke smells that bring together the Designer perfumes that you know and love with a delicious and magical twist. Our custom blends have great longevity, excite the senses and are totally unique... Ambrosia is a strong scent that is medium lasting.

Eau de Parfum - guaranteed perfume oil concentration of 20%.